Tartan Property Cleaning Tips

At certain times of the year, different weather situations can alter the look of your property, for example during the hot summer months, any bird / bat droppings that land on your window / pool fence , solar panels etc.. get embedded more so with the sun and heat than they would in the wetter winter months. 

We recommend a regular service of  ( 3-6 months ) to maintain that clean and bright look to your property.

Window cleaning foremost , as this is your vision to the outdoors. You will be surprised once you take the step to have them cleaned if you have not done so for some time .

We have cleaned windows recently that have not been touched for up to 3 years , and the results were staggering , a customer comment ” my goodness , i feel like iv just been given a new pair of glasses and can see out the windows now “

As we take our time and detail the window using a specific tool to skim the surface of the glass , it removes any old embedded debris you wouldn’t even know was there. Maybe you had your house painted years ago and there are splashes of paint on the glass , which you cant see for dust. When all this is removed with a detailed window clean, this is when you see the best results ( Like New ! )

Not only will you have clean glass , we clean the frames surrounding the window , and the tracks in which your window or door opens.

And to put the icing on the cake , we remove any fly screens , clean them , and re-install .

If your fly screens are faded or corroded , we can also replace the mesh , which is more cost effective that having the whole aluminium screen and frame replaced .



If you are to hose down your windows using water from your garden tap, it will most definitely leave the glass streaky and potentially looking worse ( depending on the type of glass ) 

If your windows are extremely dirty and dusty , we recommend maintaining your windows DIY style : use warm soapy water to get the dust off , then wipe with a micro fibre cloth and then using domestic household glass cleaner ( windex ) with a light / even spray , wipe with a damp micro fibre cloth again ( wet with windex ) and buff with a dry micro fibre cloth . this is important as such methods with newspaper , kitchen cloths will leave swirl marks on the glass. All this is a temporary way to maintain the glass of course   , until you get us back to do properly 🙂

We offer you and your neighbours , friends and family, a discount when two properties or more are booked in at the same time.

 Example ;we have many customers live in apartments that get their windows cleaned on the same day every year and receive 15% discount on each apartment.

Unless the particulars of the job change,  we guarantee capped pricing to all our regular customers.



At the start of winter have your gutters cleaned to remove the ‘ autumn leaves 🍁 ‘ and prevent any blocked drainpipes during wetter months 

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