If you are to hose down your windows using water from your garden tap, it will most definitely leave the glass streaky and potentially looking worse ( depending on the type of glass ) 

If your windows are extremely dirty and dusty , we recommend maintaining your windows DIY style : use warm soapy water to get the dust off , then wipe with a micro fibre cloth and then using domestic household glass cleaner ( windex ) with a light / even spray , wipe with a damp micro fibre cloth again ( wet with windex ) and buff with a dry micro fibre cloth . this is important as such methods with newspaper , kitchen cloths will leave swirl marks on the glass. All this is a temporary way to maintain the glass of course   , until you get us back to do properly 🙂

We offer you and your neighbours , friends and family, a discount when two properties or more are booked in at the same time.

Example ;we have many customers live in apartments that get their windows cleaned on the same day every year and receive 15% discount on each apartment.

Unless the particulars of the job change,  we guarantee capped pricing to all our regular customers.

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